We get things moving…


LIPSIA Automation GmbH was founded in Leipzig in 1995 and specializes in customized packaging and handling technology as well as system integration. We would be pleased to suggest and provide individual solutions for your requirements. We are proud to offer our customers with competent advice, modern technology and after sales service.

During the past years LIPSIA Automation GmbH has completed many orders for the worldwide food industry successfully. We supply and take care of our customers both domestically and internationally.

Sales department

Our sales staff will gladly take on your task and work out a solution proposal together with you.


Lipsia Automation Vertrieb

Service department

After-sales service is also very important for us. Our customer service will gladly take care of all your concerns, even after the sale of our equipment.


Lipsia Automation Kundendienst

Engineering departement

Our designers take care of the engineering development and coordinate the project details with you.


Lipsia Automation Konstruktion

Human Resources Management

Personal sehen wir als unsere wichtigste Ressource an. Unser Personalmanagement hat die Aufgaben des Recruitings, der Personalführung und -entwicklung. 


Lipsia Automation Personalmanagement

General Management

Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Hahn is the head and “engine” of Lipsia Automation GmbH meanwhile with over 30 employees.


Lipsia Automation Geschäftsleitung

Purchasing Department

No company without efficient purchasing in collaboration with our suppliers…


Lipsia Automation Einkauf

Financial Department

Our colleges from the financial department care about all things related to financial issues…


Lipsia Automation Finanzabteilung

Manufacturing department

In our manufacturing hall diligent hands assembly all the things which have been only ideas weeks ago…


Mechatronics department

Our electronical engineers are responsible for electrical design of our equipment, cabling, programming and the commissioning…


Lipsia Automation Mechatronik